The story of Model Victoria from 1996 to present.

Established in 1996, the craftsmen at Model Victoria strive to produce the finest 1/35th scale military and historical replicas in the world. Model Victoria’s success comes not only from its quality but from the modellers worldwide who demand only the best.

Each and every model released by Model Victoria is thoroughly researched using the most accurate and detailed historical documents. Utilizing the best reference possible, Model Victoria tries to offer the most accurate and finely detailed models in the world.

Each hand developed component in all Model Victoria kits is an individual work of art featuring a precision fit and finish. Before any kits leave our workshop, all parts are inspected for quality and consistency which will provide the modeller with a unique, straight forward and rewarding experience.

As the Model Victoria range grows, it will continue to offer an expansive selection of accurately detailed high quality replicas and accessories to re-create most all events of WWII.

Not only will Model Victoria continue to release WWII subject’s, it’s new brand “Extrema Fidelitas” is designed to create new frontiers in model making. Utilizing our state of the art resin casting technologies, “Extrema Fidelitas” will set new standards.

“Extrema Fidelitas” will feature complete range of vehicles that will push the limit of precision and accuracy. Fully detailed exteriors and interiors with true to scale representation is our goal.

Model Victoria would like to thank you for your time and support.

We look forward to sharing our passion with you as our product is our passion



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