MBV02 “Fear” – Austro-Hungarian Gebirgsschützen 1917-18 (1/10 bust)


1/10 model scale bust depicting an Austro-Hungarian soldier in 1917-18. Extensive historical research enabled us to recreate as faithfully as possible the uniform and all the accessories present, such as the rare but very beautiful “berndorfer”, while also trying to portray an emotion such as the fear often felt by soldiers. There is a small instruction in the box to help with painting and to recommend the correct colours. The model is given as cleanly as possible and with print grafts reduced to a minimum. Assembly is very simple and clean, the joints match and it is suitable for all types of modellers, from experienced to novice.

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Tutti i nostri articoli sono realizzati in resina poliuretanica di alta qualità, così da rendere più realistiche le riproduzioni.La resina utilizzata è atossica, quindi priva di ftalati e bisfenolo A, e inodore. Come specificato, i kit possono contenere alcune decalcomanie o parti fotoincise, in modo da rendere più realistici gli articoli.Tutti i kit sono in scala, le scomposizioni sono studiate per facilitarne il montaggio.Gli articoli sono indicati per una clientela di età superiore ai 14 anni.

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